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Rose, The Woman's Flower

Rose, The Woman's Flower

A true botanical ally through every stage of it's life, in every stage of ours...

The Bud - Puberty & Young Adulthood

Rose Essential Oil is one of the best for balancing hormonal havoc; clearing acne & breakouts, as well as combatting anxiety & feelings of unease or insecurity.

Incorporate Rose Bulgarian Essential Oil or Jojoba Rose Skincare Blend into your daily skincare ritual by adding a drop or two to Aloe Vera Gel or another light moisturizer.

The Blossom - Pregnancy & Motherhood

Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol is gentle, calming & balancing for both the skin & the mind.

Bring the benefits of rose into your skincare routine by spritzing with Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol throughout the day. It's the perfect toner, lightly hydrates & cleanses the skin and encourages feelings of ease & wellbeing.

The Hip - Youth & Beyond

The wisdom contained in the Rose Hip is perhaps it's most precious gift, much like a woman's wisdom gained over a lifetime.

Protect your skin through the journey of aging. Used daily as a facial serum, Rose Hip Seed Oil will help to regenerate & renew the skin, keeping it vibrant & healthy. Add a few drops of Rose Bulgarian Essential Oil to increase your protection against oxidative damage.

We are proudly a female owned & operated company.


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