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The Aromatherapist

Replace the Synthetics in Your Life: A DIY Workshop

it can be difficult to distinguish where the synthetic ingredients are hiding in your household and personal care products, let us simplify it for you

These days, even products that seem 'green' and 'clean' often aren't. In this hands-on DIY workshop, we will help you to understand how to read ingredient labels and be discerning when purchasing your products. Next, you will have the opportunity to draw from our huge selection of ingredients to make a ton of natural products. You'll also go home with recipes for a long list of simple, cost effective DIY products to fill your home with. 

We'll be making: multi purpose household cleaners, laundry products, a variety of first aid products, a variety of personal care products... the list goes on!

When? Saturday, May 6 @ 12 - 2:30 pm

Where? Our place, 260 Waterloo Ave, Guelph