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Raw Skincare Consult


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Want a little help figuring out what your skin is craving? Not sure which ingredients are best for resolving a specific skin condition or imbalance? We're happy to help, with an in-person or over the phone Raw Skincare Consult.


Consult we'll get to the bottom of - your skin type, your current skin needs, your ideal Raw Skincare Ingredients.

Raw Skincare Synergy through all of the information we've gathered during your consult, we'll make you a 5 ml Raw Skincare Synergy, with the absolute best essential oils for your skin. 

Recipes we'll also send you home with a ton of recipes - how to add your Raw Skincare Synergy into your ideal bases to create beautiful, clean and 100% customized skincare products. 

Once you've checked out, we'll get in touch to schedule your consult. 

*If you're purchasing an over the phone consult, your Raw Skincare Synergy & Recipes will be shipped to you and this will be subject to our regular shipping fees. 

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Vendor: Essential Botanicals • The Aromatherapist

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