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Raw Skincare Kit: Oily/Combination Skin

You wouldn't eat a diet of solely prepackaged foods - why should your skin?

Quickly & easily make your Custom Facial Wash, Toner, Serum & Masks! 

In Ayurvedic terms, you're a Kapha; you need nice, clean products that encourage detoxification. We've got your back...

Oily Skin Synergy (3 ml)Rose Bulgarian, Rosemary Highland, Lavender Highland, Cypress, Turmeric, Thyme Linalol. This synergy brings every spectrum of action your skin needs into one bottle of essential oil. 

Blemish Pen (10 ml)A powerful yet gentle blend of essential oils, in a carrier of Aloe Vera Gel. The absolute best spot treatment for blemishes and impurities. 

Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol (100 ml)Calming, cleansing, balancing and totally beautiful; don't say we didn't warn you, this hydrosol is addictive! We'll include a recipe to turn this into your DIY Facial Toner.

Aloe Vera Gel (50 ml) - Your skin type still requires lots of moisture, but it can't handle heavy oils and creams. Aloe Vera is like water for the skin; it just drinks it all up! Aloe Vera is the perfect base for your DIY Facial Serum (recipe included). 

Included for FREE:

Powders and Herbs (2 oz) - 2 oz of the best powders and herbs for your skin type; Green Clay, Matcha Powder & Besan. Using the recipes provided, you can make face masks & exfoliating cleansers.

Recipes - Of course, we'll include all the recipes you need to turn these DIY ingredients into a beautiful, customized skincare line!

What are you waiting for? Go raw with your skincare & you'll never look back.

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