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The Aromatherapist

Peace & Protection Kit

We created this kit with your current needs in mind; to feel calm, strong and protected. 

Defence Blend (5 ml): Formerly known as our Thieves Blend, this combination of our most powerful antivirals and antimicrobials is ideal for diffusion in your car or front entry way, to help keep germs away. It is also the active ingredient in our DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer (recipe included). 

Comfort Blend (10 ml): This fresh blend of Citrus oils is antimicrobial and antibacterial; it makes the ideal active ingredient for our DIY Surface Spray. The aroma of Comfort blend is well-loved and makes everyone happy and at ease - perfect for home diffusion during quarantine!

Included for FREE: 3 ml Frankincense Mask Spray, 50 ml Lotion Bottle (for your DIY Hand Sanitizer), 50 ml Spray Bottle (for your DIY Surface Spray), DIY Recipes & Tips