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Myth: "All Seed Oils Are Harmful to Your Health & Should be Avoided"

Myth: "All Seed Oils Are Harmful to Your Health & Should be Avoided"

“Seed Oils are bad for your health and should be avoided at all costs”

We’re here to uncover the truths and myths within this blanket statement. 
There seems to be a lot of information (or, perhaps, ‘misinformation’) circulating these days about seed oils being harmful for our health.

First and foremost, the most important distinction to make is which seed oils we are talking about. While some seed oils are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, others are filled with unhealthy fats. 

The list of oils to avoid is generally as follows:

  1. Rice bran 
  2. Safflower 
  3. Sunflower 
  4. Corn 
  5. Canola 
  6. Cottonseed 
  7. Soybean


The push to avoid these unhealthy oils is mostly in connection with internal use, however you should also keep your eye out for them on the labels of skincare products, as they are inexpensive ‘filler’ oils. 

The other important factor with all hip & seed oils, regardless of the application, is expiration. The shelf life of these types of oils is naturally quite short (2-3 years if stored correctly). However, like with most food products, many factors can shorten this time such as being combined with other oils, exposure to oxygen, being stored or transported in hot conditions etc. 

It is important to be provided with the expiration date of the oils you’re using. This is why we recommend purchasing oils in their raw, unmixed forms and carefully blending them yourself should you choose to. Oils sold in combination with each other will not necessarily have the shelf life of each individual oil listed and taken into consideration. Detecting rancidity can also be more challenging when oils are mixed together. 

Very often the carriers oils listed as the active ingredients of a manufactured oil serum are a small part of the overall composition. It's important to pay attention to the other ingredients as they likely make up a large percentage of the product.

Adding safe, high quality essential oils to your hip & seed oils will provide a natural preservative. This is why we add Geranium Rose & Ylang Ylang to our Rose Hip Seed Oil. You can select essential oils that will complement or add some of the skincare benefits you’re looking for. Ie; Helichrysum for hyperpigmentation & uneven skin tone, Rosemary Verbenone for blocked pores & breakouts. 

We designed our skincare synergies for this specific purpose; to add to hip & seed oils for increased benefits and the bonus of a natural preservative ;)

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