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DIY Perfume Making Experiences


Why smell like everyone else when you can create a personal scent that's 100% you and 100% natural? 

Book your DIY Perfumery Consult with Bonita; an Organic Perfumer of 25+ years!

Each of you will hand-pick each of your notes, and help to build them into a perfectly balanced natural scent! 


- 1 hr. Perfumery Consultation with The Master Herself; smell, experiment and learn about natural scent while choosing from a huge selection of rare, unusual and precious essential oils to build your scent. 

- 5 ml Personal Scent; diluted and ready to use in a Roll-On or Spray Bottle (whichever you prefer)

- 1 ml Pure Essential Oil Blend; to make 3-5 more batches of your custom perfume; when you run out, you just blend some more!

- The Master Recipe; so you can recreate your scent, again and again!

Once you've purchased your consult, we'll get in touch to schedule a time that works for you.