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"The earth has music, for those who listen" - William Shakespeare

 The Aromatherapist essential oils are derived

from plants cultivated by farmers and processed

by distillers around the world who share our commitment

to the use of ecologically viable methods.

Today we realize that plants are extremely sensitive

to the highly toxic substances used by some farmers

to "protect" the plant in pursuit of increased product yield.

These toxins can produce results ranging from

subtle changes in the plant to actually altering its genetic structure.

Plants are left devitalized and their defence systems weakened.

The lifespan of a perennial may be significantly reduced.

We feel there is no reasonable place for

chemical use in medicinal plant farming.

More important than product yield and larger plants

are concerns for long term effects on soil,

plant biology and the health of other living creatures.

The search for purity and ecological integrity

in the production of essential oils is a task

which requires energy and commitment.

We are convinced that this is the way to secure a place

for aromatherapy in humankind's growing consciousness

of nature and its immense healing powers for years to come.