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General Safe Use Guidelines

  • Be informed about the quality & shelf life of your oils 
  • Avoid undiluted application 
  • Be conscious of personal sensitivities, allergies, contraindications
  • Know the safety of each oil you work with (we recommend this resource)
  • Keep away from eyes
  • Keep away from heat and open flames
  • Use in well ventilated rooms
  • Be aware of those vulnerable to essential oils (ie; pregnant women, pets, children, those with compromised health)
  • Avoid prolonged use of one specific oil; rotate and take breaks to avoid sensitization
  • Age, health and overall constitution should be considered when using essential oils
  • Skin sensitivity, open and broken skin must be considered before using essential oils topically
  • Essential Oils that are potential dermal irritants should be avoided or used with extra caution
  • Photosensitizing Essential Oils should be known and avoided topically before exposure to the sun
  • Pregnant women, children, pets and those with compromised health require special considerations; ensure you are well informed about safe use with these groups
  • Always diffuse in well-ventilated areas especially around small children & pets
  • Some pets (cats in particular) can have an adverse reaction to some essential oils, ensure they always have freedom to leave the area when you are diffusing or using essential oils
  • Baby's nasal passages are fragile and still developing; it's best not to diffuse essential oils in the same room as a baby
  • For information specific to internal use, read here.