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Internal Use

Health Canada does not approve essential oils for internal use, therefore we cannot recommend it to people. 

There are  a number of reasons to be very cautious about the internal use of essential oils, specifically:

  1. Quality. Essential oils are not regulated for quality and purity. Unless you're working with essential oils that are controlled by a third party certification body, you have no way of knowing what's actually in the bottle. Quality is always important however it’s especially important when it comes to internal use. The cutting and adulteration that often takes place in the unregulated essential oil industry is done with chemicals that would be extremely harmful to ingest. We work with eco-cert EU as our third party certification body. 
  2. Sound and accurate information. A consumer needs a LOT of information about an essential oil before they can know if it is safe to consume. The essential oil from many plants is toxic when taken internally. The botanical name and chemotype of the plant must be listed on the label. As should the cultivation method; certified organic is always the best choice for internal use. As a consumer you need to ensure that you know which oils are potentially safe for internal use, with appropriate dilution.
  3. Consumption of essential oils is sometimes recommended as the go-to method of use and this is entirely incorrect. The majority of the time, you will reap the most benefits from essential oils simply by inhaling them. For example, consuming Lavender Oil to calm down? No. Inhale it. There are certain uses however - like digestion - where consumption is an obvious choice.  
  4. Safe dilution is of the utmost importance when taking an essential oil internally. You should never consume an essential oil undiluted and should always dilute them in a carrier that will bond with the oil (ie; olive or coconut oil). Never drink essential oils ‘mixed’ in water - oil and water do not mix! Be aware that essential oils are highly concentrated. One drop of essential oil, in spoonful of oil, is more than enough.