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Myth: "I can't handle the smell of Jasmine"

Myth: "I can't handle the smell of Jasmine"

We hear this sentiment expressed quite often, and it makes our jasmine-loving hearts hurt! 

The truth is, the aroma of the most commonly available Jasmine (grandiflorum) is quite heavy, heady and can cause many people to develop a headache or even a migraine. We’ve heard people go so far as likening it to the ‘smell of rotting fruit’! Yikes. Not something you want to be wearing all day, and certainly not the impression you want to be leaving on those around you. The truth is, even if the smell of Jasmine Grandiflorum doesn’t have this effect on you, it’s quite likely to have this effect on some of the people around you; that’s just the nature of this flower’s aroma. 

Luckily for all our kindred Jasmine lovers, there is a beautiful, soft Jasmine out there; Jasmine Sambac. The aroma of Jasmine Sambac is sweet and alluring, yet soft and green. It lends itself beautifully to a number of different scent blends, and is loved by almost everyone (even some of the biggest Jasmine cynics we’ve met!). So, why don’t all perfume companies and essential oil suppliers offer Jasmine Sambac? The short answer: it’s very difficult to source, as it only comes from one specific region in India. This, of course, makes it much more valuable in comparison to grandiflorum (which grows in many countries and regions around the world).

Check out our Jasmine Sambac in Jojoba; a beautiful personal scent, massage oil or body oil!

Discover the beautiful botanical backstory behind this precious gem, and find some divine blending inspiration here!


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