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Myth: It's Safe to Take Essential Oils Internally

"It’s ‘safe’ to take essential oils internally."

This is a loaded statement on many levels. Let's unpack it slowly…

As we discussed in the previous article (click here to give it a read), there is a wide range in quality and limited accountability when it comes to essential oils.

In reality, unless an oil is controlled by a third party certification body, a consumer has no idea what is actually in their bottle. 

Many essential oils are adulterated, often with toxic solvents, adulteration is never disclosed (click here to learn more about adulteration). You need to know exactly what you’re ingesting!

Even if you are working with high quality organic essential oils free from adulteration with clearly disclosed and verified botanical information, that's only the first hurtle!

Essential oils are highly concentrated organic chemicals, many of them can be harmful if taken internally... you need to know a lot about what you’re ingesting!

The other practical consideration is what you’re using the essential oil for. People often distrust their own common sense when it comes to essential oil use. If you have a rash on your knee a treatment lotion applied topically is the best way to use an essential oil. If you have a cold or congested respiratory system, steam inhalation with essential oils is the intelligent treatment method. 

In general, if your needs aren't topical or digestive the best way to reap the benefits of essential oils is to inhale them. Pure, high quality essential oils are volatile; meaning they have a direct effect on the human brain. By inhaling essential oils, you are allowing them to have an impact on your entire physiology, via your limbic system. This can offer benefits such as: boosting immunity, giving energy, promoting relaxation, lifting depression etc.

At the same time, I myself have taken essential oils internally for over thirty years and have given them to family and friends for this application for about as long...

I would never trust an oil that wasn't third party certified, would never take an oil I had not verified was safe for internal use and am aware that one drop in a carrier (like coconut oil) is an appropriate dose of a safe oil.

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