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Member Exclusive Content: Enhance Your Hot & Cold Rituals

the use of hydrosols, botanical body oils & herbal scrubs can boost the benefits of your hot & cold treatments big time!

We all know the benefits of hot & cold treatments; they range from increased blood flow to reduced pain & swelling to immune support & vitality. hmmm, those sound a lot like the benefits of many essential oils when used in body treatments...

Pair these two up & you've got an unstoppable combination for all around health & wellness.

steam/sauna spritzer - bring an organic floral hydrosol with you into the steam or sauna & spritz your face & body liberally to hydrate the skin & boost detoxification

we love this ritual. it's SO refreshing to break up your heat treatment with a spritz of hydrosol. 

steam/sauna dry brush - if healthy circulation and detoxification are two of your main goals, you must try dry brushing with Rosemary essential oil in the steam/sauna. there's nothing quite like this for the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

while you're at it, brush rosemary eo through your hair for scalp health!

botanical body oils - massage a customized body oil into your skin before & after your rituals to ease pain/tension, relieve stress, hydrate the skin and/or detoxify

the dry heat and extreme cold can be tough on the skin, using body oils during your hot & cold rituals will protect and nourish the skin while bringing other benefits of your choice!

herbal scrubs - gently exfoliate & pull toxins from the skin with herbal body scrubs

during these healing & regenerative rituals is the perfect time to exfoliate the skin. shed the dead and invigorate healthy circulation and lymph flow.

Quick Recipes

DIY Steam/Sauna Spritzer: use Rose, Geranium or Rosemary (or your favourite) Hydrosol on its own, or in combination with ~ 10 drops Spa Blend

DIY Botanical Body Oil: add ~20 drops essential oil blend to a 100 ml bottle of Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil . We love Aches & Pains Blend for muscle & joint pain or Detox Blend for boosting detoxification. 

DIY Herbal Scrubs: combine herbal powders such as jojoba beads, ground almond, besan, green clay, matcha and store in a tightly sealed jar. to use your scrub, add ~ 1 tbsp powder to 1 tbsp honey or body wash.

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