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Member Exclusive Content: DIY Mouthwash

A hot topic right now and something we get asked about almost daily; natural mouthwashes, swishing oils & oral care options.

There are a number of essential oil/base combinations that make incredible natural mouthwashes and putting them together could not be more simple!

Mild Thyme

*ALWAYS use certified organic essential oils for these purposes

Raw Honey
Coconut Oil - used in the Ayurvedic practice of 'pulling'
Sweet Almond Oil

Simply add a drop of essential oil to a spoonful of your chosen base. Swish around in your mouth for 5-10 minutes (for pulling with Coconut Oil, it is recommended to do closer to 20 minutes if possible)

These natural mouthwashes can help to freshen breathe, whiten teeth, fight plaque & gingivitis, heal the gums and strengthen the teeth & gums.

We can make you a custom swishing oil in a base of Sweet Almond Oil. Just order a 'customized' bottle of Sweet Almond and let us know what you'd like in the comments section of your order ;)

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