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5 Reasons to Use Roll-Ons

5 Reasons to Use Roll-Ons

If you follow us on Instagram you know; we love all kinds of DIY products, but roll-ons have to be the most versatile application of essential oils. 

Here are the top 5 reasons we love roll-ons:

1. They go straight to the source 

The roller ball applicator makes it easy to apply the blend wherever it's needed most. Blemish Pen gets rolled directly onto Blemishes, Bright Eyes goes under puffy eyes, etc etc. Furthermore, blends that are meant for psychological benefit can be rolled onto pulse points and, when appropriate, under the nose; this gives them the best opportunity to be inhaled, which is how the psychological benefits of essential oils are accessed.

2. They stay in your personal space

Scent likes and dislikes are certainly not universal, and sometimes it's easier to keep your scent experience to yourself. If you're working in a communal office space, or even in your home with other family members, you may not feel comfortable diffusing your Clarity blend for everyone present. However, you can always discreetly apply your Clear Mind Roller to yourself; reaping the benefits without anyone else being the wiser ;)

3. They're cost effective 

Roll-on bottles are generally 5 or 10 ml, making them a cost effective way to incorporate precious essential oils into your life. A few drops of Sandalwood or Rose in the diffuser every day would get pricey pretty quick. On the other hand, a few drops in a roller bottle with a long-lasting carrier oil like Jojoba and you can be enjoying that blend for weeks, even months to come!

4. They can last a long time

Roller blends aren't being exposed to oxygen or potential contaminants, meaning they can have a very long shelf life! Not only does the roller ball help you to use just a small amount of blend at a time, it also keeps the blend safe.

Note: It's important for the longevity of your blend to use a base of Jojoba Oil, as it never goes rancid. Other carriers, like Fractionated Coconut, have a much shorter shelf life than most essential oils which can make the whole blend go bad prematurely. 

5. They're properly diluted for use on the skin

If you're purchasing one of our roll-on products, you can rest assured that the proper dilution ratio has been used, making the essential oil safe to apply directly onto the skin.

We offer a huge range of Roll-Ons; expertly blended to cover all your bases. Check them out here!

Or, have us make you something totally customized

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