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5 Reasons We Couldn't Be Without Cistus

5 Reasons We Couldn't Be Without Cistus

Cistus; a flower so healing & hydrating, we couldn’t get through winter without it.

Besides smelling absolutely incredible, Cistus is packed full of natural antioxidants & anti-inflammatories. Here’s why we love it for skincare and beyond!

5 Reasons We Couldn’t Be Without Cistus

1. It is deeply hydrating and juicy for the skin, especially during the months of icy cold winds & dry forced air heat. Cistus reinforces the skin’s natural barrier, making it healthier and more resilient.
We spritz with Cistus Hydrosol constantly through the winter. We can literally feel it plumping up our dry, devitalized skin with much needed moisture and vitality.

2. It has the unique power to revive devitalized, dull, tired skin from within. In sum, Cistus gives a glowing complexion. Through a combination of spritzing with Cistus Hydrosol daily, and adding a few drops of Cistus essential oil to our facial serum, our skin always has a dewey, glowing complexion.

3. It smells juicy & delicious. The aroma of Cistus essential oil is intense on its own, but added to blends at a low dilution it is just the freshest, juiciest floral note. We love the smell of it in our Sweet Ambrette Organic PerfumeCistus Hydrosol has all of the juiciness of the essential oil, without the intensity. It’s one of the few hydrosols with an aroma that lingers on the skin all day long. 

4. It’s unbelievably healing. This is the reason why we use it as a key ingredient in our Repair Synergy; it heals damaged skin like nothing else. Use Cistus essential oil in serums for scarring or weather damage to regenerate the skin and expedite the healing process.
We are now learning that the blue light given off by our myriad of screens is leading to free radical damage in the skin. The cell regenerative power of Cistus makes it an excellent choice for counteracting this type of damage through daily application.

5. It doesn’t break the bank like some precious florals. We know, we know, Jasmine and Rose are worth every penny! But one of the many things we love about Cistus is that it’s a precious floral without the precious price tag. You can get either the essential oil or the floral water for under $25.

Curious to try Cistus Hydrosol? For a limited time, all orders over $75 will receive a free sample of your choice!

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