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Blending Hydrosols

Blending Hydrosols

Likely, when you think about blending you think about essential oils… or perhaps smoothies, but probably not hydrosols.

We are huge fans of blending our hydrosols; not only does it give the opportunity for indescribable aromas and completely unique custom products, but it also allows you to combine the skin loving actions of your hydrosols - creating skin superfoods.

If you aren’t quite sure what hydrosols are, or why they’re absolutely incredible, check out this blog article.

OK, now that you’re thoroughly convinced that you need hydrosols in your life, let's talk about blending.

Work Clean

This is important with all types of blending, but especially with hydrosols. Because they are water based products, they can easily get contaminated if the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure sterility during the blending process.

That makes it sound very technical but really all you have to remember is to always use thoroughly clean, dry* containers, whisks, spoons etc. when blending. 

*both cleanliness and dryness are key, if you put your tools through the dishwasher, leave them for the full drying cycle to be assured there is no residual moisture

Hydrosol Blends for Skincare

Hydrosols make the perfect facial toners, hair mists and general skin hydrators. Spritzing with them before you apply serums and creams will balance your skin as well as help it to absorb all of the beautiful ingredients you’re surely using (especially if you use our raw skincare products).

Peppermint & Orange Blossom - super cooling and soothing, store in the fridge for these hot summer days or any time of year after a workout, during a hot flash etc.

Cistus & Rose - incredibly aromatic, regenerative and hydrating for all skin types

Ylang Ylang & Cistus - deeply hydrating and reparative

Frankincense & Orange Blossom - daily healing for extremely dry, damaged or mature skin

Helichrysum & Roman Chamomile - calming and healing for inflamed, sensitive or scarred skin

Ylang Ylang & Geranium - hydrating and balancing for the hair and scalp

Rosemary Verbenone & Lavender - detoxifying and clearing for congested skin types

Orange Blossom & Rose - our favourite, classic combination of two beautiful precious florals; smells gorgeous and pampers all skin types with regenerative and hydrating action

Witch Hazel & Helichrysum - the perfect, natural first aid spray; use on scrapes, sprains, infections, bug bites, you name it!

Hydrosol Blends for Perfumery 

Hydrosols are ideal bases for colognes or body sprays. They not only give a nice, clean base for these natural aromatic products, they also impart beautiful aromas of their own which can compliment your unique scent blend.

To learn more about creating your own, custom natural perfumes & colognes, check out our DIY Perfume Making Experiences.

Orange Blossom & Geranium - the classic base for eau de cologne

Frankincense & Cistus - an ideal aroma for gender neutral earthy, fougere blends

Rose & Ylang Ylang - these make a gorgeous, full bohemian floral base

Orange Blossom & Cistus - a sweet and mysterious chypre base

Rose & Orange Blossom - a classic, refined floral bouquet< /div>