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Simple Ways to Combat Poor Air Quality

Simple Ways to Combat Poor Air Quality

Unfortunately, summertime seems to mean forest fire smoke & heavy smog these days. Besides that, many of us are forced to spend time in polluted environments (both in & outside) year round. Here are some simple ways to use essential oils to counteract poor air quality... 

The best oils for clearing your airways & boosting respiratory health
Rosemary Highland, Black Spruce, Mild Thyme, Green Myrtle, Ravintsara, Cajeput, Frankincense, Eucalyptus Radiata, Siberian Fir

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The best ways to use essential oils during times of poor air quality

Breathing Exercises - if you aren't already, we highly recommend making breathing exercises part of your daily routine. Place a drop of essential oil underneath your nose and do Kapalabhati to expel toxins from the lungs and strengthen the respiratory system. Kapalabhati also stimulates organ function, builds cardiovascular endurance and strengths core muscles. Watch this short tutorial by Shift Yoga Collective.

Diffusion - if you're looking to benefit your whole family with these lung-loving botanicals, and purify the air in your environment, diffusion is the way to go. Diffuse in different areas of your home to cleanse the air and support everyone's respiratory health.

Shower Steams - this is a great thing to do in the evening if you feel you've taken a lot of toxic or unclean air throughout the day. Place a few drops of essential oil at the bottom of your shower (best to put the plug in so it doesn't go down the drain right away) and breath in the steam with deep, cleansing breaths. This is a great go-to with kids as well :)

Simply Inhale - if you're on the go and need a quick airway cleanse, place a few drops of essential oil into the palms of your hands, rub them together and take long, deep breathes. This technique can be done anywhere; on the train, on the sidewalk, in a waiting room, on your lunch break - trust us, we've done it all!

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