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DIY Deep Nourishment Face Mask

Is anyone else's skin getting whiplash from all of the quick changes in weather we've been having? Is it dry, is it breaking out; it can't decide.

The past few days however, it's dry, no question. The high winds and considerable drop in temperature has our skin screaming out for some deep moisture and nourishment. Naturally, we're reaching for 3 of our most nourishing ingredients; Dry Skin Synergy, a nice fresh Avocado and Organic Liquid Honey.

Putting these together into a face mask is not only super easy, it's packed full of everything your skin's been asking for! 

1/4 Avocado
~ 1 tsp Honey
3 drops Dry Skin Synergy

1. In a small bowl, mash your avocado as you would to make guacamole. 

2. Add your drops of Dry Skin Synergy and stir thoroughly.

3. Combine your Liquid Honey, to create a nice, sticky paste.

4. Gently massage the mask mixture into your skin. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes before washing with warm and then cold water.

5. Finish it off with a deeply moisturizing serum. Try our DIY Rosa Facial Serum, by adding 9 drops Dry Skin Synergy to a 30 ml bottle of Rose Hip Seed Oil. 

*These ingredients (plus a ton more recipes) come with our Raw Skincare Kit for Dry/Devitalized Skin. 


Other Fruit + Synergy Mask Combinations

Papaya + Oily Skin Synergy = Detoxifying, Hydrating & Cleansing

Oatmeal (cooked) + Sensitive Skin Synergy = Ultra Calming & Soothing

Banana + Dry Skin Synergy = Major Damage Repair

Peach + Oily or Sensitive Skin Synergy = Brightening & Cleansing

Pumpkin (cooked & mashed) + Dry Skin Synergy = Collagen Boosting & Nourishing

Not sure which Raw Skincare Ingredients your skin's craving? Take the quiz and find out!

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