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Essential Oils & Oral Health

Following our article about the risks of using Clove Bud on the teeth & gums, we got a lot of questions about using essential oils in general for oral health, here's the tea

We love combining the ayurvedic practice of tooth pulling with gentle yet effective, high quality essential oils to create the perfect treatments for natural teeth whitening, antimicrobial rinses, gum regeneration & overall oral health.

What is Tooth Pulling?

Tooth pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for ~ 20 minutes per day. This process if thought to pull toxins out of the body, improve oral health & whiten the teeth. Anecdotally, we can confirm it to be a very effective and enjoyable daily ritual. It of course does not replace brushing and flossing the teeth daily. 

Essential Oils & Tooth Pulling

By combining particular essential oils with coconut oil for the purpose of tooth pulling, we are able to boost the benefits big time. We love to combine coconut oil with gentle antimicrobials to help freshen the breathe and kill unwanted bacteria in the mouth. For those with sensitive or receding gums, we use healing & regenerative oils to encourage the gums to flourish. Our Tooth & Gum Oils are designed for these particular purposes. 


Safe use is particularly important when it comes to using essential oils for oral health. Quality and purity is of the utmost importance, learn more about this here. As always with topical use, and especially for use on the delicate tissue of the mouth, dilution ranges must be kept very low. Only safe, gentle essential oils should be used in this application. 

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