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Key Botanicals for Recovering from Illness

Key Botanicals for Recovering from Illness

Recover from illness and recuperate strength.

The use of particular essential oils can help to expedite your recovery process & build your system back up to fighting strength.

what you need: full body detoxification, revitalization & emotional/psychological upliftment

best botanicals: rosemary highland, lavender highland, geranium rose, palmarosa, juniper berries

best blends: detox, aches & pains, spa, happinessgood vibes roll-on

best ways to use: if you have access to a steam or sauna, bring these oils along with you, do a dry brush or make yourself a spritzer. for detoxification, use these oils in bath salts, a morning shower gel or a self massage oil. diffuse them for mood upliftment. 

what you need: respiratory recovery, healing & recuperation

best botanicals: spike lavender, eucalyptus radiata, hyssop decumbens, frankincense carterii

best blends: cold & flu, breathe free, defence, get well roll-on

best ways to use: the best mode of transportation for these oils to get into your respiratory system is through steam. put a few drops at the bottom of your shower, make a bath milk or bath salts, or simply create a steam tent by placing a few drops into a pot of boiling water. 

what you need: immune strengthening & stabilization

best botanicals: black spruce, bay laurel, cypress, ravintsara, vetiver, frankincense Co2, mild thyme

best blends: immune boost, woods, winter recoveryimmunity roll-on

best ways to use: create a immune boosting massage oil by combining any of these botanicals with jojoba, coconut or whatever carrier oil you have on hand. swipe it across your low back after your morning shower to boost immune function. add any of these oils to a hot bath, or diffuse them in your environment for passive immune stimulation throughout the day.


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