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Master the Art of Blending

Master the Art of Blending

Blending can seem overwhelming; the material feels too precious to waste on mistakes yet finding balance in a blend often takes time.

It is true what we say, blending is an art form. However unlike most artistic avenues, virtually anyone can become a talented blender. If you have a sense of smell, you have all the prerequisites you need.

Mastering the art of natural scent composition is a very practical and (we would argue) necessary endeavor for anyone who works with essential oils. Even if you're blending mainly for therapeutic applications; if a blend doesn't smell good, no matter how well it works, no one will want to use it!

The art of natural scent composition really comes down to experimentation. There are many tips and tricks you can employ to make your blending endeavors more successful and less costly.

Experiment on blotters first. Always.

Let your intuition & creativity guide you as you play & experiment with different scent combinations 

  1. Place one drop of each oil on its own individual, labeled blotting strip 
  2. Hold the strips together in a fan to test how your notes will smell in combination 
  3. If one note is too strong hold it farther away, too weak hold it closer
  4. Switch out blotting strips to add & subtract notes until you're happy with your scent

Blotting strips are your best friend as a blender. To make your own blotters, simply cut watercolour paper into long, thin strips. 

Journal. Journal. Journal.

Tracking your experiments and observations will help you to learn as you go and give you insights to look back on as you move forward in your blending. 

When you start making blends, be it for yourself or others, you will be SO grateful for detailed notes when you suddenly need to recreate a blend that you did 6 months ago…

As you're blending, be sure to journal every change you make along the way. One drop may seem insignificant at the time, but it can completely change an overall blend.

Have fun & go off the beaten path

Once you know your material and the basic frameworks of natural scent, be sure to traverse unknown territory! Never heard of two oils being used together? Take it as a challenge and try! You never know what you'll discover when you throw the rule book out the window.

If you're growing tired of the same blends, the same classic combinations, the same smells, day in & day out; maybe it's time you start blending!

Our Organic Perfumery Mentorship is intended for anyone with a sense of smell. If you'd like to dive into the art of blending, this is your chance ;) 

Get in touch for more details.

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