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No Diffuser? No Problem! 5 Easy Ways to Diffuse Essential Oils Without a Diffuser

 It seems no one knows what in the world to do with essential oils unless they've invested in a diffuser; we’re here to debunk that myth!

You don’t need an expensive nebulizer to get the natural aromas of The Aromatherapist Essential Oils and Synergies into your home, office or car. Don’t get us wrong - we love our diffusers. However, getting the natural aromas & health boosting benefits of essential oils into your home doesn't have to be complicated, fancy or pricey. 

Heat diffuses essential oils. Not too much heat (that would kill the active biochemicals), just enough to create some volatility. 

Here are some easy (and inexpensive) ways to expose your Aromatherapist Essential Oils and Blends to heat, without a diffuser…

1. A pot of water near a radiator or wood burning fireplace:

We do this trick all the time with our wood burning stove. A small pot or bowl of water on top of a slow, moderate heat source is basically the OG diffuser! Just add a few drops of essential oil and place the pot near enough to the heat source to become warm (but not so close as to boil or become a hazard). Up your cozy game by diffusing a warming blend like North Star or Mental Focus.

2. Into your cleaning water:

Particularly for window sills, window pains or countertops that will be directly heated by the sun. Place a few drops of essential oil (preferably something with anti-bacterial action and a fresh aroma like our Clean Blend) into your cleaning water. Every time that part of your house basks in the sunshine, you’ll get a blast of lemony freshness! When it wears off, you'll know it’s time to clean again.

3. Onto decorative window pieces:

A sweet little stone or clay sculpture can not only look beautiful on a sunny sill, it can also act as a solar diffuser! Simply place a few drops of essential oil onto the side that will be most exposed to the sun. Our Happiness Blend is like sunshine in a bottle - the perfect match for a sunny window sill.

4. Inside couch cushions and pillows:

Fabric couches can become areas of unpleasant odour, especially with a few pets in the house; not anymore! Place a few drops of our Comfort Blend onto some cotton balls and slip them inside your couch cushions or decorative pillows. Every time someone sits down, they’ll get a whiff of deliciousness rather than the alternative. 

5. Inside your vacuum bag:

Another area of the home that can become the 'anti-diffuser' is the carpet; it can hold yucky, musty odours like nothing else. You're best to combat that problem at the source, rather than masking it with air diffusion. Place a few drops of an odour-eliminating essential oil blend (like Clarity) directly into your vacuum bag. Now your carpet will act as a diffuser for pleasant odour instead!

Shop our favourite essential oils & blends for home diffusion; in whatever way you choose to 'diffuse'!

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