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Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll

Our new roll-ons are expertly formulated to cover all your bases.

Pure organic & wildcrafted essential oil in pure, organic jojoba oil - and that's all. 

Smell the difference.

For a limited time, purchase any 4 roll-ons & get the 5th for FREE!

Use code 'ready to roll' at checkout.

Aches & Pains
Use this roll-on topically on sore muscles and joints to relieve tension and encourage healthy circulation. For best results, cover with a heat pad or hot water bottle. 

Calm Bambinos
Use at bedtime, during times of stress (like daycare drop-off) or anytime you want to bring the household vibe down a few notches ;)

Warm up from the inside out, bring this roller with you on chilly days to ‘snuggle up by the fire’ on demand

Relax, stop stressing, find a place of peace

Use this roll-on in the sauna, the steam, the shower, or during a strenuous workout to boost detoxification

Boost your confidence, feel powerful, you can do anything

For that time of the month (and all times of the month) use this roll-on to balance hormones and combat PMS 

Studying? Working overtime? Driving? This blend will help keep your mind alert, your memory sharp and your mind focused

Get Well
Kick cold and flu to the curb; boost immunity and relieve your symptoms fast by applying this roll-on under the nose, onto the chest and on the low back (adrenals)

Good Vibes
Keep negative and self-sabotaging thoughts at bay with this uplifting blend that channels good vibes only

Naturally encourage healthy immune function throughout cold and flu season by swiping the immunity roller across your low back every morning

Libido Lover
Made with natural aphrodisiacs, this blend will help you and your partner get into the mood

Bring this blend with you onto the yoga mat, into your meditation practice or just along for daily life to help you be more present

Whether it be your workout, or your actual work, or cleaning the house… if you need some extra motivation to get things done, this roll-on’s got you covered

Tantrum Tamer
Reach for this roll-on at the first onset of a tantrum, roll onto your child’s pulse points to help keep you both calm, cool and collected

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