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Hair Health Botanicals: It Isn't One Size Fits All

Rosemary Oil for hair growth is all the rage right now, but it isn't the only botanical that loves your locks. Here's the tea...

Here are the facts, Rosemary is liposolvent, it helps the natural oils in the hair (& skin) flow from the follicles (& pores). This lipsolvent action helps the hair to grow longer, stronger, shinier & thicker. It really does incredible things for your hair and the effects will be real & visible within a few weeks. 

For those who are hoping to reap the hair benefits of Rosemary essential oil, we recommend brushing it through the hair daily. To do this, place 1-2 drops of Rosemary eo in the palm of your hand and rub the bristles of your brush in it. Brush thoroughly from root to tip.

We also recommend spritzing your hair daily with Rosemary Hydrosol to increase strength & shine. Rosemary Hydrosol makes a wonderful, natural styling spritzer or a curl refresher for those with curly hair. 

However, just like the skin, hair & scalp care isn't one size fits all. There are many other botanicals that address particular hair concerns...

Dry Hair & Scalp: We designed our Hair Health Blend to combine the hair loving action of Rosemary with the hydrating and emollient benefits of Sweet Orange & Cedarwood. Hair Health Blend will provide a more balanced action for the scalp - encouraging growth, strength and shine while nourishing the scalp and hair. You can use it just like you would pure Rosemary essential oil, by brushing it through the hair.

Another great option for dry scalp and hair is combining Hair Health (a pure essential oil blend) with a hydrating and nourishing carrier oil like Jojoba or Argan. Enter our Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil, it can be applied to the hair and scalp as a leave-in treatment, or as a 'hair mask' a few hours before a wash. It will deeply hydrate & nourish both the hair & scalp, encouraging growth while combatting dryness. 

Androgenetic Alopecia (aka hereditary baldness): Recent studies have found that Peppermint Essential Oil is an effective stimulant for hair growth in those experiencing hereditary patterned baldness - which is a huge breakthrough! If you think that this condition may play a roll in your hair loss, try combining Peppermint with your Rosemary essential oil. We've created our Hair Growth Serum with this condition in mind.

Overnight Treatments: Rosemary is very stimulating to the mind; used during the day it will wake you up & clear your head/sinuses. This also means that if used at nighttime, Rosemary can make it difficult to sleep soundly. If you're looking for an overnight hair treatment, we've designed our Overnight Hair Hydrator to deeply nourish the hair while encouraging restful sleep. It combines the hair loving and sedative powers of Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood with Jojoba & Argan Oils for moisture that will deeply penetrate your locks while you snooze away soundly.

Dandruff: If dandruff is an issue for you, Geranium Rose works absolute wonders! Simply rub a drop of Geranium Rose into the areas of the scalp that experience dandruff. One application should keep dandruff at bay between washes, or even longer. 

We hope this helps you in all of your hair loving endeavours, friends!

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