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The Healthy & Happy Back to School Plan

The Healthy & Happy Back to School Plan

This year more than ever, we’re looking for tools to ease our kids’ transition back to school.

Olfactory memory is incredible for creating feelings of comfort, especially in children. When you diffuse essential oils in your child’s secure home environment, you’re creating a scent memory that can travel with them to school, camp… wherever!

The big bonus to using the blends suggested below? They’ll also help to strengthen your family’s immune systems, clear the air of germs and make everyone happy. 

Step 1. 
Start by diffusing one of these blends in your home while your children are feeling relaxed, comfortable and secure…

Happiness, Comfort, Woods, Stress Free

Step 2. 
Make your child a personal roll-on, using whichever blend you’ve found most comforting to them in the home environment. 

DIY Personal Roll-On

  • Place 7 drops essential oil blend into a 5 ml Roll-On Bottle 
  • Fill the bottle with Jojoba Oil and shake well (or grab one of these Roll-On’s that’s been prefilled with Jojoba Oil!

  • Step 3.
    Send your child off to school with their personal roll-on; it’s small and discreet enough to fit in their pocket. They can apply it to pulse points and smell it throughout the day. It will not only give your children olfactory comfort in this challenging new environment, but immune stimulating benefits as well.


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