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The Secret's Out: Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

The Secret's Out: Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth

The secret’s out.

We’ve been saying it since - always - but now everyone else is saying it too!
Rosemary helps with hair growth. Period. 

It’s all over the news & social media right now: Dermatologists confirm that Rosemary Essential Oil stimulates hair growth and tackles various issues that lead to hair loss/thinning.

Rosemary is now being dubbed as ‘Nature’s Rogain’, and we’re here for it!

How does Rosemary help to stimulate hair growth?

The main action of Rosemary in the skin/scalp, and the one that we most attribute to hair growth & strength, is lipo-solvency. Rosemary helps turn the hardened sebum that sits in pores and hair follicles into liquid, so it can flow out freely. Blocked hair follicles are a major contributor to hair loss/thinning. 

Rosemary essential oil also stimulates circulation. By brushing Rosemary through your hair, you will stimulate fresh blood flow to the scalp & hair follicles. This will contribute to growth as well as shine & lustre. 

Side bonus of Rosemary for the scalp - it helps to keep lice away!

How should you use Rosemary for hair growth?

There are more and more hair growth products popping up that list Rosemary essential oil as an ingredient. But why purchase a product that might contain 1 or 2% Rosemary when you can just purchase a bottle of pure Rosemary essential oil
The best way to use Rosemary essential oil for hair growth is to place a few drops into the palm of your hand, rub the bristles of your hair brush into it, and then brush from roots to tips. Give your hair a strong brushing, to the point where you can feel your scalp being stimulated. 

DIY Hair & Scalp Serum

1. Add 25 drops of Rosemary Highland eo to a 100 ml bottle of Jojoba Oil.

2. Secure the lid and shake well. 

3. Massage into the scalp and through your hair for increased strength and shine.

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