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Combating PMS with Botanicals

Combating PMS with Botanicals

Ladies, this one’s for you.

From skin concerns to mood imbalances to hormonal headaches; we’re covering it all in this article.

Hormonal breakouts aren’t unique in the way they can be treated; meaning you can treat all breakouts (at any time of month) with these few steps.
Blemish Spot Treatment

  1. Apply Blemish Pen overtop of the affected areas
  2. Mix up some treatment clay by combining ~ 1 tsp Green Clay Powder or our Detox Powders with ~ equal parts water or Rose Hydrosol
  3. Apply the treatment clay overtop of the affected areas
  4. It’s best to leave this spot treatment on overnight, at the very least leave it for a bit while you hang out at home 

Hormonal skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation affects women at all different stages of their life, but the most common time is during your most fertile years. 
Here are some different ways you can minimize melasma with botanicals:
  • Create a healing skin serum using our Glow Synergy & Rose Hip Seed Oil
  • Have us make you a custom roll-on to apply as a spot treatment
  • Use Helichrysum Hydrosol daily as your facial toner

Cramps & Low Back Pain
Menstrual cramps can be debilitating for some women, before you reach for the painkillers, try this natural method for easing abdominal and low back pain.
Abdominal Massage Oil
  1. Add 5 drops Clary Sage, 2 drops Clove Bud & 10 drops Lavender Highland to a 100 ml bottle of Jojoba Oil
  2. Massage this liberally onto your abdomen and lower back
  3. Place a heating pad overtop and rest
  4. You can also apply this massage oil before stepping into a hot bath

Body Aches
Our Aches & Pains Blend is not only beautiful & killer for body aches and joint pain, it’s also hormonally and emotionally balancing.
Aches & Pains Bath Salts
  1. In a mortar & pestle (or bowl with a spoon), combine 10 drops Aches & Pains with 1 tsp Unscented Shower Gel & 2 tbsp Dead Sea Salt, mix thoroughly
  2. Add these salts to a hot bath just before stepping in

Mood Imbalances
The struggle is real. Depending on what type of mood imbalances you experience at this time of the month, the diffusion of particular blends will help to bring you back into balance.
Feeling Low: Moon Mama, Lift Depression, Happiness
Feeling Anxious: Moon Mama, Anxiety Rescue, Stress Free
Trouble Sleeping: Sleep Well

Food Cravings
It’s true, certain aromas can help to avert your food cravings! Simply diffuse our Curb Appetite Blend when you need a little help in that department.

Hormonal Headaches
Many women experience hormonal headaches at the end of their cycles. Our Head Ache Roll-On is perfect for easing headaches at any time of the month; simply roll onto pain points.

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