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Honey Powder: Our New Favourite Raw Skincare Ingredient

Honey Powder: Our New Favourite Raw Skincare Ingredient

If you've been following our raw skincare blog for a while, you know that we love honey as a skincare ingredient. 

Honey is humectant, it helps the skin to hold moisture. It also has enzymes that help to break down dirt and excess oil without drying the skin.

We add honey to everything; cleansers, masks, scrubs...

Sometimes people are surprised by the recommendation, "won't it be sticky"??

Actually, on damp skin honey is not very sticky and rinses off very easily. However for those who would rather an even less sticky option - enter honey powder

With many of the same skincare benefits but none of the mess, honey powder has quickly made it's way into many of our go-to raw skincare recipes. 

Here are a couple of our favourite ways to use honey powder:

Added to cleanser

1. In a small bowl, or just in the palm of your hand, combine 1 tsp Honey Powder a natural unscented cleanser.

2. Spritz you face with your favourite hydrosol before gently massaging the cleanser into your skin.

3. You can turn this into a full body cleanser as well, simply by making a larger batch.

Add to a facial mask

1. In a mortar and pestle, combine 1 tsp Honey Powder with 1 tbsp Clay (Green, Pink or White depending on your skin type).

2. Add any other mask powders you like to use; we love a combination of Pink Clay, Honey Powder and Rose Powder.

3. Add 1-2 drops of the best Raw Skincare Synergy for your skin type

3. Combine your powders with ~ equal parts hydrosol or water.

4. Spritz your face with hydrosol before gently massaging the mask onto the skin.

5. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm and then cold water.

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