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Hidden Gem: Copaiba

Hidden Gem: Copaiba
Botanical Name: Copaifera officinalis
Cultivation Method: wildcrafted
Country of Origin: Brazil
Distillation: steam
Part of Plant: Resin

calming & soothing; for body & mind

muscle tension & joint pain

Copaiba is one of the best oils for treating inflammatory pain all over the body. It has a long traditional use for muscle stiffness, joint pain and arthritis. 

calming & grounding

Psychologically, Copaiba has a very calming & grounding effect. It encourages an overall sense of well-being.

perfume fixative

Used in natural perfumes, Copaiba acts as a natural fixative; it helps hold the entire perfume on the skin for longer. Pair with the faster evaporating notes when blending a fougere or green perfume. 

we can't get enough of copaiba all year round, especially in the spring when our gardens call & our muscles ache ;)

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