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Hidden Gem: Coriander Seed

Hidden Gem: Coriander Seed

Fresh, Stimulating & Lively

Botanical Name: coriandrum sativum
Country of Origin: Moldova
Size: 10 ml
Part of Plant: seeds
Distillation: steam
Major Biochemicals: Linalool, alpha- Pinene, gamma-Terpinene, Geranyl acetate, Camphor

Coriander seed is a powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antispasmodic, tonic & general immune system stimulant. 

It's helpful for treating stress headaches and mental fatigue. 

Commonly used as a digestive aid for colic, indigestion & nausea.

For the skin, Coriander is antioxidant, purifying, detoxifying, toning and brightening for congested skin. Anti-inflammatory, heals and soothes irritated skin conditions. 

Coriander makes a great gender neutral deodorant.

Coriander seed is a major brain oil; it is antidepressant, anxiety relieving, supports cognitive and brain health, helps clear foggy thinking, increases memory retention and provides neuroprotective support

The aroma of Coriander lends itself to so many different types of blends. It goes beautifully with Vetiver, Palmarosa, Copaiba, Sandalwood, Rose, Violet Leaves, Cedarwood Himalayan and Kaffir Lime to name a few.

Create a roll-on for clearing your head and supporting your cognitive faculties with 2 drops each Coriander, Vetiver, Black Pepper, and Bitter Orange in a 5 ml Roller with Jojoba.

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