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Hidden Gem: Defence Blend

made up of the most potent immune stimulating and antimicrobial essential oils, this blend will prevent illness & keep germs from spreading in an environment

We originally named this blend Thieves, as it's based on recipes for this most potent antimicrobial herbal blend, found in old perfume texts.

Defence, as it's known today, is an incredibly powerful blend of antiviral & antibacterial essential oils. It is helpful for clearing the air of infection, keeping germs out of your airways, combating congestion & boosting immunity. It truly does it all when it comes to cold & flu season.

Perhaps our favourite thing about Defence Blend is that the aroma, despite being such a strong medicinal blend, is still something you'd choose to have on yourself all day long. A beautiful herbal aroma, with a slightly spicy top note

Here are the key botanicals in our Defence Blend & why they're key at this time of year:

Eucalyptus - Incredible for breaking up hardened mucus, especially in the chest.

Thyme - A broad spectrum anti-infectious agent, it can be inhaled for most infectious illnesses. use for all flus, colds and sinus or respiratory infections. thyme helps to clean the air of infection and prevent the spread of illness.

Ravintsara - Most commonly used for bacterial and viral infections, flu, mononucleosis, pneumonia, chicken pox and shingles. Strong antiviral properties make this a valuable oil during cold & flu season.

Rosemary  - Particularly effective for clearing sinus congestion. Rosemary is also a strong topical antimicrobial.

Best Ways to Use Defence Blend

- our defence blend comes in a 10 ml roll-on, simply roll this under the nostrils to keep germs from entering your respiratory system, boost immunity and/or fight congestion

- roll the Defence roll-on onto the palms to disinfect on the go

- diffuse the pure Defence essential oil blend in the environment to kill germs and prevent the spread of illness when someone is sick

- make a strong antimicrobial surface spray by adding 45 drops Defence blend to a 100 ml bottle of half alcohol & half Witch Hazel Hydrosol.

- grab our DIY Hand Sanitizer Kit & use the included ingredients & recipes to make natural (but effective) hand sanitizers

We absolutely love this blend for all things 'staying healthy'! Check it out.


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