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Hidden Gem: Geranium Rose

Hidden Gem: Geranium Rose
Botanical Name: pelargonium roseum
Origin: Morocco
Part of Plant: leaves
Extraction: steam

balancing, deodorizing & detoxifying

deodorizes like nothing else

Geranium rose is possibly the most powerful natural deodorizer you can find. Use in smelly shoes, gym bags, laundry hampers - anywhere you need to elimiate odour. It also makes an amazing addition to a natural deodorant. Geranium rose is antifungal and helps eliminate mold and mildew, it's perfect for clearing the musty smell of a cottage or tent trailer as we open them up for the season.


Geranium rose is actually planted in contaminated areas to cleanse the soil; it is extremely detoxifying. Use in detoxifying skin & bodycare treatments this spring (and year-round) to encourage full body detoxifcation. Geranium Rose is balancing to all skin types; wether oily or dry it will balance the sebum production in the skin and leave you with a glowing complexion. 

uplifting & fresh

Psychologically, the aroma of geranium rose is uplifting, stimulating and fresh; everything you could want for this season! With an aroma reminiscent of true rose, it makes a beautiful addition to any blend. 

tick repellent

This chemotype of geranium has been found to help effectively repel ticks. Use in a DIY tick spray or grab our hiking spray while it's on offer as a seasonal special

geranium rose is a true gem, fit for any and all essential oil users; it's a multifunctional powerhouse

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