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Hidden Gem: Violet Leaves

Hidden Gem: Violet Leaves
Botanical Name: viola odorata
Country of Origin: Egypt
Distillation: absolute

uplifting & vibrant; springtime in a bottle

a beautiful perfume note
Used on its own or paired with complimentary notes, violet leaves makes a gorgeous personal scent for spring (and year-round) to bring freshness & vibrancy into your daily life.

happy peace
Psychologically, violet leaf brings a sense of calm, comfort & innner peace matched by few other aromas. It is peaceful yet uplifting & cheerful.

fluid retention & cellulite
Violet leaf has a long traditional use for releiving fluid retention & edema. it is also commonly used in body treatments to reduce the look of cellulite. 

refreshing for the skin

Violet leaf is amazing for the skin, especially as the weather warms up. It is cooling, anti-inflammatory and helps the skin to hold moisture. It's a key ingredient in our Spring Serum - grab it before it's gone!

violet leaves is one of our all-time favourite essential oils in the spring - it's green, fresh & a little bit mysterious

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