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Hidden Gem: Mild Thyme (Linalol)

Hidden Gem: Mild Thyme (Linalol)
Botanical Name: thymus zygis
Available Sizes: 5 ml
Origin: Spain
Cultivation: wild certified organic 
Part of Plant: flowering plant
Extraction: steam

Your best defence against cold & flu this winter!

Thyme is an indispensable oil during cold and flu season. It is restorative to the respiratory system, anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, and cold preventative. 


Mild Thyme is a broad spectrum anti-infective agent, a strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Thyme is an excellent adjunct therapy against gram positive bacterial infections; staph, strep, sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, whooping cough, pneumonia, urinary infections and skin infections.

Thyme is also a strong anti-viral and effective at fighting most viral infections, including influenza and all viral infections of the respiratory system. As well, Thyme is used to treat candida and most fungal infection.

All of this, combined with it’s detoxifying and immune stimulating properties, make Thyme your best defence against getting sick this winter and an ideal choice for those suffering from recurring or chronic infections. 

The linalol chemotype of Thyme combines the strong antimicrobial action of Thyme with the gentle, calming action of linalol. This means that rather than irritating tissue (like Oregano and the other chemotypes of Thyme do), Mild Thyme actually soothes and heals tissue. It is ideal for inhalation during a cold; it calms and heals irritated bronchial tissue as it fights the infection.

Thyme is good for fatigue, low spirits and exhaustion. It promotes emotional stability and is often used as an adjunct therapy for bipolar disorder and ADD.

Suggested Blends with Mild Thyme

Use in a steam tent, epsom salt bath, shower or diffuser. 

Mild Thyme and Ravintsara for chronic or recurring viral infections.

Mild Thyme and Palmarosa for fungal infection.

Mild Thyme and Tea Tree for most infections, especially chronic conditions in children.

Mild Thyme, Lavender Highland and Rosemary, Highland for a restorative, antidepressant and immune stimulant.

Mild Thyme, Ravintsara and Black Spruce for immune stimulating, restorative and anti-infective. 

DIY Best Defence Travel Roll-On

Place 2 drops of each Mild Thyme, Ravintsara and Black Spruce in a 10 ml Roll-On Bottle filled with Jojoba Oil or Aloe Vera Gel. Apply under your nose while your traveling to boost immunity and defend against germs.

Sanitizing First Aid Spray

Place 20 drops of each Mild Thyme, Tea Tree and Lavender Highland into a 100 ml bottle of Witch Hazel. Shake well and use on effected areas. 

The Aromatherapist's Mild Thyme is one of the only chemotypes of Thyme that is not irritating and can be applied to the skin.


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