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Rose Hip: The Tiny Seed with Big Benefits

Rose Hip: The Tiny Seed with Big Benefits

We aren't shy about our obsession with Rose Hip Seed Oil; we put it into our Raw Skincare recipes every chance we get and we often recommend it as a stand-alone treatment for a number of common skin concerns. 

So, what makes Rose Hip Seed Oil so incredible?

Trans-retinoic Acid

Trans-retinoic acid is a natural form of vitamin A, found in high supply in the seed of the Rose Hip. When the tiny little Rose Hip seed is cold pressed, we get an oil rich in this skin healing nutrient. Trans-retinoic acid promotes healthy cell rejuvenation; reducing signs of aging and helping to heal damage, scarring, stretch marks etc.

This makes Rose Hip Seed Oil an ideal regenerative facial serum for those with aging or sun damaged skin. It also makes it the most effective treatment for scars and stretch marks. The addition of essential oils like Neroli, Sandalwood, Frankincense & Helichrysum into Rose Hip make it even more regenerative.

Rich Moisture

Rose Hip is deeply moisturizing. For those suffering from extremely dry, flakey or devitalized skin, Rose Hip is the perfect ingredient to incorporate into a cream, mask or just use on its own as a moisturizing facial oil. 

Add a few pumps of Rose Hip Seed Oil to your moisturizer before applying it to your face; it'll bump up the hydrating action big time!

What makes our Rose Hip Seed Oil special?

1. Country of origin 

As you already know if you follow our blog and/or instagram; country of origin has a huge impact on the quality of botanicals, and Rose Hip Seed Oil is no exception.

Our Rose Hip is sourced from the mountains of Chile. The high altitude and particular growing conditions make this the optimal home for nutrient rich Rose Hips.

2. The colour

The rich Amber colour of our Rose Hip Seed Oil is an excellent indicator for quality. Never trust a light coloured Rose Hip Oil!

3. The addition of skin healing botanicals 

We've added Geranium Rose & Ylang Ylang at a very low dilution to our Rose Hip Seed Oil. This bumps up the skin healing action and acts as a natural preservative (un-preserved Rose Hip Seed Oil has a notoriously short shelf life)

Incorporate a high quality Rose Hip Seed Oil into skin's diet and tell us it doesn't make a huge difference - we dare you!