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Organic Perfumery Mentorship

For aspiring hobby blenders & professionals alike; our current session of the Organic Perfumery Mentorship is now full. We will be running another session beginning September 2024, please reach out for more information.

In this unique opportunity, you'll be taken through the full process of learning, experiencing & creating organic scents by our owner, an organic perfumer with over 30 years experience. You'll have the chance to dive deep into the world of blending natural scents, absorb a huge amount of knowledge, and become privy to many tricks of the trade.

Members of this program receive exclusive discounts on material as well as access to rare & precious oils we don't generally make available. 

This is a 4 month long mentorship program which includes virtual learning as well as private in-person or virtual mentorship sessions with Bonita. We've made the program 4 months in length so that the week-to-week time commitment is low & you have ample time to experiment and grow as a perfumer. 

Reach out for a full course outline!