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Clean Spring Cleaning Kit

Skip the chemical cleaners this spring; get the germs, odours and dirt out of your home naturally and effectively with flower power!

All of your Recipes & Ingredients for: DIY Deodorizing Carpet Powder, Disinfecting Surface Spray, Multipurpose Cleaning Spray, Clearing Room Spray & More!


Clean Blend (10 ml) - fresh, beautiful citrus oil with strong antimicrobial action 

Antimicrobial Blend  (5 ml) - super strong, broad spectrum defence against all types of germs.

Clarity (10 ml) - awesome blend of the best odour fighters we've got; clears the air of must, mildew and any other unwanted smells. 

FREE Inclusions - 3 x Spray Cleaner Bottles, Blend of Natural Powders for your Carpet Deodorizer, PLUS recipes for all of your cleaning product needs. 

$90 Value!

Everything you need, bundled together with a sweet little discount!

*If you'd prefer to switch any of the oils in this kit with an in-stock oil of equal value, just shoot us an email after you've placed your order.