Cold & Flu Season Survival Kit

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You SAVE by purchasing a DIY Kit, as well as receiving some FREE extras and a TON of customized recipes!

This kit includes enough pure essential oil to make 25 - 50 DIY Products! Say goodbye to aches, congestion and coughs; flower power's got you covered this winter...

Your DIY Cold & Flu Season Survival Kit:

Cold & Flu (10 ml) - This synergy will boost everyones immunity and energy! It is a great synergy for treating a chest cold, sinus congestion and achey muscles; use in a DIY Shower Gel or DIY Bath Salts (recipes included).

Sleep Well (10 ml) - On the opposite side of the spectrum, this blend is for the nighttime wind-down, to promote restful sleep so you can recover quickly. It can be used in a DIY Pillow or Room Spray (recipes included), a warm evening bath or simply dabbed onto temples. 

Thieves Blend (5 ml) - A blend of our most powerful antimicrobials, perfect for home diffusion, a DIY Hand Sanitizer or DIY Counter Spray (recipes included) - to kill germs and stop the spread of infection.

Aloe Vera Gel (50 ml) - This is the ideal base for your DIY Hand Sanitizer, rather than a harsh alcohol or greasy lotion; Aloe Vera Gel hydrates the skin and is absorbed quickly. It comes in a lotion bottle, so all you have to do is add the essential oil and you're good to go!

Included for FREE:

Spray Bottles (50 ml): This kit includes 2 cobalt blue, glass spray bottles, for your DIY Counter Spray and Pillow Spray.

Lotion Bottles (50 ml): This kit includes 1 cobalt blue, glass lotion bottle, for your DIY Shower Gel. 

Recipes: Of course, all of your DIY Recipes will be included!

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