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Complete Your Detox Kit

Essential Oils are the most effective natural tool for full body detoxification. 

All the ingredients you'll need to complete your detox! Plus a ton of amazing body treatment recipes and detox tips from our secret vault ;)

Included: Palmarosa (10 ml), Lemongrass (10 ml), Vetiver (5 ml), Peppermint Hydrosol (100 ml), 1 oz Detoxifying Mask Powders, 2 oz Dead Sea Salt, + A ton of Detoxifying Treatment Recipes & Ideas!

$100.00 Value!

Everything you need, bundled together with a sweet little discount!

Learn what makes these essential oils some of our favourite Hidden Gems for Detox Season here!

*If you'd prefer to switch any of the oils in this kit with an in-stock oil of equal value, just shoot us an email after you've placed your order.