• Summer Survival Kit - Burns & Rashes
  • Summer Survival Kit - Burns & Rashes
  • Summer Survival Kit - Burns & Rashes

Summer Survival Kit - Burns & Rashes


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You SAVE by purchasing a DIY Kit, as well as receiving some FREE extras and a TON of customized recipes!

This kit includes everything you'll need to soothe and heal the burns, rashes and reactions of summertime; naturally and effectively. Enough pure essential oil to make over 50 batches of treatment gels and creams!

Your Summer Survival Kit for Burns, Rashes and Reactions:

Blue Tansy (3 ml) - One of the absolute best oils for soothing inflammation and redness, this is an irreplaceable ingredient in any kind of anti-inflammatory recipe!

Helichrysum (3 ml) - Assists with the calming and healing of reactions and inflammations. Helichrysum speeds up the healing process like you wouldn't believe.

Lavender Highland Essential Oil (10 ml) - A must-have essential oil for all times of year, but especially summer! Use in an after-bite, after-sun and on rashes/skin irritations; it will soothe redness and reduce itchiness. Also helpful for getting little ones (and you) to calm down and sleep soundly.

Included for FREE:

Lotion Bottle (50 ml) - This kit includes 1 cobalt blue, glass Lotion Bottle, pre-filled with a pure Aloe Vera Gel base, for the  treatment gel you'll be making. 

Recipes - Of course, we'll include all the recipes you need to turn these DIY ingredients into a summertime first-aid kit!

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