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Make your shower into an aromatic & medicinal steam room

Simply place these steamers at the bottom of your shower and inhale the healing, aromatic steam! Each pack includes 4 full-sized Steamers.

Immunity Steamers: for overall immune function and respiratory health, helpful when overcoming illness or feeling depleted. with Ravintsara, Eucalyptus Radiata, Thyme Linalol, Bay Laurel, Black Spruce, Ammi Visnaga...

De-Stress Steamers: use in your morning shower and saunter into your day with less stress & anxiety. Or, use in an evening shower to wash the day's stresses away and encourage a restful night's sleep. with Lavender Highland, Red Mandarin, Sandalwood, Petitgraine...

Congestion Steamers: these steamers are made with the best essential oils for combatting sinus & chest congestion, as well as coughs, colds and flus.  with Eucalyptus Radiata & Globulus, Rosemary Highland, Mild Thyme, Elecampane, Fir...

To Use: Simply place one steamer at the bottom of a hot shower and inhale the aromatic steam.