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Thieves Blend

Pure Essential Oil Synergy, 5 ml

Blend of: Ravintsara, Thyme, Rosemary, Eucalyptus...
Aroma: strong herbal aroma
Common Uses: The story of Thieves blend goes back to the time of the Black Plague. Doctors wore long, beak-like masks stuffed with antimicrobial herbs over their noses and mouths to protect them from the sickness. Soon, thieves began to wear these masks as well, when they raided and robbed the homes of the dead. Our Thieves Blend is made up of the most potent immune stimulating and antimicrobial essential oils, our recipe follows those found in old perfume texts. We hope that you use this powerful synergy for good, rather than evil! 
Best Ways to Use (see 'Methods of Use'): DIY Hand Sanitizer, Roll-On Inhalant, Steam Inhalant, and Room Diffusion


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