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A Roll-On for Everything Kit

A blend for every need in your life! This kit includes enough pure essential oil to make over 75 batches of Roll-Ons; you will quite literally be rolling in Roll-Ons...

Sleep Roll-On - Sleep Well Blend (10 ml) this blend will lull you to sleep and keep you relaxed all night long, so you can wake up feeling refreshed. 

Anxiety Roll-On - Anxiety Rescue Blend (10 ml) will bring down your stress levels and keep you in a state of calm all day long. 

Immunity Roll-On - Woods Blend (10 ml) is the absolute best synergy for boosting immunity, strengthening your system and giving you a big hit of caffeine-free energy.

Congestion Roll-On - Cold and Flu Blend (10 ml) is expertly formulated to combat both sinus and chest congestion in one bottle. 

Included for FREE:

4 Roll-On Bottles (10 ml) - Glass Roller Bottles, pre-filled with a pure Jojoba Oil base.

Recipes - Of course, we'll include all the recipes you need to turn these DIY ingredients into Personal Roll-Ons.

Over $120 Value!