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Chamomile, German (Blue Chamomile)

Certified Organic Essential Oil, 3 ml

Nature's Cortisone

Botanical Name: matricaria recutita
Origin: Egypt
Part of Plant: blossoms
Extraction: steam
Major Biochemical Compounds: alpha-Bisabolol-Oxide A & B, trans-beta-Farnesene, alpha- Bisabolol, Chamazulene
Common Uses: Anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antiallergic; helps to counteract allergic responses.  
Emotional/Psychological Uses: Relaxing and calming.
Cosmetic/Skin Uses: One of the best oils for skin inflammation. Used for treatment rosacea, allergic reactions, rashes, hives, diaper rash and eczema. Wound healing, helps minimize scarring. 
Blends Well With: Helichrysum, Lavender, Rose Geranium, Neroli, other Chamomiles. 

Inside Info: For allergic skin reactions, try equal parts German Chamomile and Blue Tansy in Aloe Vera Gel. 
Best Ways to Use: Massage, Compress, Balm or Gel and Lotion/Cream

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