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Breathe Roll-On

Roll-On with Pure Essential Oil in Carrier, 10 ml

Why we made this: For the treatment and prevention of respiratory congestion: colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, sore throat, allergies and chronic, dry cough.
Ingredients and their action: Expectorant essential oils of Rosemary, Elecampane and Hyssop help to break up and expel mucous. Thyme Linalol combines a broad anti-microbial action with the tissue-healing effects of linalol, making it an ideal treatment for respiratory infection. Ammi Visnaga is a powerful anti-spasmodic and vasodilator, excellent for the treatment of spasmodic or asthmatic conditions. Eucalyptus Radiata exhibits broad antimicrobial activity against airborne microorganisms, making Breathe an excellent preventative cold and flu treatment.
How to use: Apply a small amount under nostrils, across sinus area, throat or chest. For increased action, use with steam, in shower, bath or sauna.