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Cedar Leaf Hydrosol

a very special treat, we've made a small batch of our house distilled cedar leaf hydrosol available

50 ml pure cedar leaf hydrosol

used for centuries by many native cultures to purify the air, remove negative energies and attract healing, positive spirits

while the essential oil of cedar leaf can be toxic and requires skilled use by a trained practitioner, the hydrosol is quite gentle and can be used safely for many purposes.

skin: cleansing, antibacterial, astringent effect, disinfects wounds, soothes inflamed skin conditions. calms inflammation. 

hair and scalp: use as a scalp spritzer for dry scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia areata and to help promote hair regrowth. Great in combination with rosemary and cedarwood essential oils. 

deodorant: use as a spritzer with *essential oils for a light  deodorant spray. Great base for body spray, colognes and  aftershave.

room spray: airborne antiseptic, air purifying, used as a liquid ‘smudge’ to clear environments of negative energy, calming, helps create a grounding, easeful environment.

nervous system/psychological health: antidepressant, balances the nervous system. use for anxiety and nervous tension.

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