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Clary Sage

Pure Essential Oil, 5 ml

Mood Balancing & Very Calming

Botanical Name: salvia sclarea
Origin: France
Part of Plant: blossom
Extraction: steam
Major Biochemical Compounds: linalyl acetate, linalol, geranyl acetate, alpha-terpineol, germacrene-d, beta-caryophyllene
Common Uses: Clary Sage has a regulating and stimulating effect on female cycles; it is used to treat PMS, infertility and menopause. Helps uterine contraction during labor, nervous exhaustion, postpartum depression.
Emotional/Psychological Uses: Used to treat depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, ADHD and PTSD. 
Cosmetic/Skin Uses: Used in hair care. Treats over-oily scalp and dandruff; can be added to shampoo or hair oil (see Methods of Use). Nice smokey perfume note. 
Blends Well With: Nutmeg, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Black Pepper, Bergamot

Inside Info: Try this blend as a female reproductive restorative and hormone regulator; Clary Sage, Geranium Rose and Vetiver. Use as a personal scent, in a bath, massage oil or room diffusion. 
Best Ways to Use: Bath, Hair/Scalp Oil, Compress, Personal Scent, Body Spritzer and Massage