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Cold & Flu Survival Kit

Say goodbye to aches, congestion, coughs and contagious germs; flower power's got all your cold & flu bases covered...

Your DIY Cold & Flu Survival Kit:

Cold & Flu (10 ml) - This synergy will promote respiratory health and help to treat chest congestion, sinus congestion, achey muscles and boost overall immunity; use in a DIY Decongesting Inhalant (recipes and inhaler included).

Sleep Well (10 ml) - On the opposite side of the spectrum, this blend is for the nighttime wind-down, to promote restful sleep so you can recover quickly. It can be used in a DIY Pillow or Room Spray (recipes included), a warm evening bath or simply dabbed onto temples. 

Defence (5 ml) - This blend will help to boost immunity and energy while clearing the airways and helping to keep germs out of your respiratory system. Use in your morning shower, diffuse in your environment.

Included for FREE: 

Dead Sea Salt: We'll include this base for your DIY Bath Salts as well ;)

Bottles: All of the bottles you need for your DIY products

Recipes: Of course, all of your DIY Recipes will be included!