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Femme Kit

We've got your back sister! This kit is designed to balance all things femme ;)

Moon Mama Blend (10 ml) - A clever combination of the best botanicals to ease menstrual cramps and balance hormones (it also just so happens to smell phenomenal).

Glowing Skin Treatment Oil (30 ml) - This combination of Rose Hip Seed Oil & our Glow Synergy is your absolute best line of defence against new and existing stretch marks, broken capillaries and uneven skin tone. This combination will restore your skin's beautiful, healthy glow!

Clear Skin & Hair Growth Synergy (3 ml) - The perfect blend of essential oils for clearing the skin, combatting blemishes and balancing oil production. Add it to honey for a morning face mask (recipe included) to combat puffiness and stimulate mental clarity. Or combine with Aloe Vera Gel for a light, detoxifying moisturizer (recipe included). It's also great for hair growth, strength and shine; rub a few drops on your hair brush!

Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol (100 ml) - No lady (or man, in our opinion) should have to live without a bottle of Rose Bulgarian Hydrosol in their purse. Ditch all of those harsh toners and 'make-up setters'; Rose Water goes straight from the petal to your face and it is HEAVENLY. If you've never used it before, prepare to be addicted!

Over $145 Value!